Concentrated Force

If you happen to be a traditional or occasional cannabis consumer, you might get dizzy from all the new methods of ingesting cannabis not to mention whatever the latest bit of hype or controversy is surrounding cannabis-derived products (edibles used to poison trick or treaters, vaping deaths, etc.) and the technological aspect constantly brings us new, innovative products sometimes to the point of us asking the question: ‘Did that come from weed’?


Not to label those who prefer joints or bongs as old-fogy traditionalists, as there is absolutely no shame in enjoying some nice, sun-grown organic flower. Naturally, it is in its natural state and has all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and all the other covetable features of the cannabis plant. There can be some issues with smoking joints and bongs, however, as smoking ANY type of plant material isn’t really good for your lung health while concentrates, particularly dabs, on the other hand can offer a healthier, more low-key alternative.


This is where things can start to get a little complicated, especially with all the various product types and terminology used. Batter, budder, crumble, sap, shatter, sugar, oil and wax are just a few of the names you might hear at your local dispensary or social club, and they might be a little scary at first. In essence, what they all are is the concentration of the trichomes (tiny hair-like structures) from the cannabis plant, with some potentially containing tiny amounts of other types of plant matter in the mix.


By looking at these concentrates, you might even begin to wonder how they eventually took that form, which might make things even more confusing, though in fact the difference is irrelevant as they all end up being consumed in pretty much the same way. The concept of dabbing (inhaling concentrate vapor) did not become popular until the start of the legalization movement across the U.S. West Coast in the 2000s, however hash oil has been around since as early as the 1970s. These days you can even visit dab bars and participate in various dab events throughout the world, though the evolution of cannabis concentrates will most probably not end here.


Every few years, a new way of getting that liquid amber gold off of the cannabis plant and onto your cannabinoid receptors will come around and thrill the latest generation of cannabis consumers and most likely confuse and/or annoy older generations, though this should be viewed as a positive since it is nothing more than an indication of the versatility of cannabis. Concentrate production is merely a jumping-off point for other ways of consuming cannabis if smoking is not your cup of tea. These days, concentrates are used in all different kinds of edibles, beverages, topicals, etc. In fact, the technology of refining cannabinoids has given us crystals and distillates that are nearly 100% THC and are being utilized to expand the range of cannabis derivatives even further. And with cannabis being accepted more and more every year all over the world, you can expect this range to grow even further.


If you’re looking for some concentrate-friendly cultivars, we strongly recommend our Komodo Glue, Hydra Kush or Creme Brute seeds.