A little bit about us…

Dragon Seeds is a legally registered cannabis seed company specializing in premium-quality feminized cannabis seeds. Our specialty is top-of-the-line, feminized F1 seeds from the best producers located in the Netherlands and Spain. We are committed to our customers and we strive to do everything to meet their needs.  We are concerned about our customers’ security and privacy just as much as they are, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure that packaging and shipping are conducted in a secure and discreet manner and that orders arrive safely to their doorsteps.



Where it all started

Finding cannabis seeds these days is no longer a difficult task. Finding excellent quality seeds can still be a challenge as strains and their genetics can vary greatly. As more countries open up to legalization throughout the world, awareness of different varieties of cannabis has increased considerably, though for many people this is still unfamiliar territory. The amount of available strains and information on them can be quite overwhelming and quite confusing, which is why we at Dragon Seeds have selected a catalogue of seeds with award-winning genetics that meet the demands of today’s collectors and can satisfy the most demanding palate. Our experience and travels throughout the world have allowed us to sample some of the most exciting strains emerging on the cannabis market and we would like to share our favorites with you.

Seeds for any situation

Our seeds have been selected for their outstanding genetics and developed by top breeders in the Netherlands and Spain for their various properties (phenotypes). We offer both photoperiod and autoflowering feminized seeds as well as a few varieties rich in CBD to meet the demands of today’s cannabis connoisseur. Our strains are suited for both indoor and outdoor situations. Since cannabis naturally thrives in the great outdoors, all varieties technically are outdoor strains, however some perform better in indoor conditions as they require less time and/or space to reach their full genetic potential. Feel free to inquire about which of our strains would best suit your needs. Regardless of what variety you are looking for, you can count on Dragon Seeds for top quality genetics that please the palate without hurting the wallet.

Beyond THC and CBD

When selecting our strains, we wanted to look beyond the most talked about cannabinoids, THC and CBD. Cannabis is exciting not just because of its healing effects on the body but also because of its beauty and ability to please the senses even before consuming it. This is made possible by a broad palate of odors and flavors, otherwise known as terpenes and flavonoids. These are the magic particles that make the cannabis plant taste and smell the many ways it does, yet they also provide a multitude of healing properties. They are essentially what patients and connoisseurs look for when doing the smell test. From California classics to Dutch cup-winners, you will find some of the latest in-demand genetics as well as tried and true varieties that cannabis connoisseurs love.