To FIM, To Top, To Lollipop, Maybe Supercrop?

Not to worry, this isn’t a post about Beat Poets, as catchy as the title of this post may sound. Instead we will be looking at a few of the ways that plants can be manipulated or trained in order to adjust to small grow spaces and increase yields, though such techniques can work wonders for outdoor plants as well.

Battle of the Acronyms: SOG vs ScrOG

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you are probably excited about spring (provided of course your locally imposed lockdown isn’t keeping you from going outdoors), after all it is the season of new life and the best time to develop your green thumb. If you’re feeling experimental or in need of a challenge, then perhaps one of the many exciting growing techniques are worth considering.

The Other Great Debate, Pt. 2: Soil vs. Hydroponics

We’ve touched on the basics of growing in soil, so let’s have a look at the fundamentals of its counterpart, hydroponic cultivation. Essentially there are two types of hydroponic cultivation: active and passive. Passive systems use capillary action (much like water being drawn up a paper towel) in order to supply water to plant roots, whereas active systems use external forces such as pumps to do the same. Passive systems are incredibly easy to construct and maintain, though they might not produce the same yields as active ones.

The Other Great Debate, Pt. 1: Soil vs. Hydroponics

Previously we discussed the various advantages and disadvantages of cultivating cannabis indoors vs. outdoors. Both have their valid arguments, however given the circumstances many growers face (security/privacy issues, money, space, resources, etc.) it doesn’t look like either method is going away anytime soon. I

The Great Debate: Indoor vs Outdoor

Regardless of your knowledge of how cannabis is grown, you probably have a preferred method of how it’s produced or at least have a vague idea as to which kind growing method might be optimal. As is the case with many other aspects of cannabis, the answer is not so cut and dried, pun intended.

Concentrated Force

If you happen to be a traditional or occasional cannabis consumer, you might get dizzy from all the new methods of ingesting cannabis not to mention whatever the latest bit of hype or controversy is surrounding cannabis-derived products…

Ruderalis Awakening

Most noticeably however, ruderalis plants flower much sooner than traditional varieties, which is determined by the plant’s maturity as opposed to being induced by a 12-hour light period like sativas or indicas.