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Dragon Fruit Auto is a fast-flowering variety that carries some of California’s finest genetics, namely the legendary OG Kush, which has been crossed with large-yielding varieties and a Ruderalis strain. This well-balanced pheno has sweet, yet slightly spicy notes and provides an intense body stone. It’s well-suited for pain management and insomnia. With its unique terpene profile, it’s an excellent choice for concentrate production.

Despite having a short flowering period of about 65 days thanks to its Siberian genetics, this variety can be dense and bushy with buds covered in resin, a sign of its heavily-desired kush features. It’s also a good variety for the novice as it can produce 400 g/m2 while being resistant to various diseases and pests.

Dragon Fruit Auto is the perfect hybrid strain for those looking for cerebral rush that additionally provides total-body relaxation.

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3, 5, 10


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