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Given the explosion of popularity in CBD products across the globe, we decided to offer yet another version of our Hydratonic. Enter Hydratonic #2, our newest version of a CBD-rich, sativa-dominant hybrid strain. This strain contains a 3:1 ratio of CBD to THC at amounts typically ranging up to 15% and also boasts a unique aromatic blend of cedar, lemon, and a touch of incense and spice. Notes of orange may also be detectable, typical of its CBD lineage.

Hydratonic #2 tends to display fluffy dark-green, pepper-shaped buds with fiery orange hairs, undertones of amber and a layer of sticky and sweet resin. A vigorous and mold-resistant plant, Hydratonic #2 can produce monster yields, as a result space may be an issue if you are cultivating indoors. Indoor yields will average around 650 g/m2, whereas outdoors 900 g/plant can be expected early to mid-October.

Hydratonic #2 provides users with thorough relaxation, temporarily taking the edge off of anxiety, depressions, stress as well as PTSD. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties also reduce migraines and injury-related swelling and in sufficiently high doses can lull even the toughest insomniacs into a deep, pleasant sleep. For those with chronic pain who haven’t had success with conventional medicine, this strain couldn’t be recommended enough.

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