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Taking its name from the world-famous and cup-winning Northern Lights strain, this variety is a fast-flowering, sturdy and resinous legend and one of the three principal strains used for breeding a wide range of other well-known and popular cannabis strains.

Because of its nearly-pure (90% indica) genotype, it has all the features typical for an indica-dominant strain. The flowering period takes as little as 45-50 days and generally doesn’t grow beyond 115 cm in height. It’s a very forgiving variety, as it doesn’t need a lot of attention, produces limited smell during flowering and along with its resistance to temperature changes, it’s a great strain for novices.

The buds can be quite hard and compact and glisten with lots of frosty trichomes and leaves may even reveal hues of purple. The aroma is  honey-musk blended with a hash and a hint of juniper. It’s quite pungent and spicy and has a pleasant, sweet aftertaste.

Colloquially known as a one-hit-and-quit strain, this is a strong variety that is progressive and anesthetic, producing a sensation of well-being and happiness. A great choice for relieving pain and sleeplessness, this is a truly therapeutic, couch-lock variety. You definitely do not want to miss out on this all-star strain.

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