Sweet Fang Lemon Auto


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The idea behind this strain was to create a small, fast-flowering variety without compromising on taste or effect. This was done by crossing an autoflowering dwarf strain with the cup-winning Lemon Haze and the widely popular Sour Diesel. The result is a fast-maturing, delicious sativa-dominant strain that has citrusy flavors with pungent, diesel notes and remarkably psychedelic effects.

Sweet Fang Lemon Auto generally grows around 70cm indoors, while outside it can stretch at least another 10cm under the right conditions. Colas tend to be long and compact while the leaves remain thin and narrow. The dominance of its sativa vs. its ruderalis genetics make it a slightly longer finishing variety. As a result, a minimum of 90 days are needed to achieve maximum yield and highest THC levels.

Tasting of spicy lemons and grapefruit with notes of diesel, it has a well-balanced effect on both the body and the mind. Very psychedelic, yet calming and euphoric, it’s an excellent addition to your collection, especially if given the proper care.

Number of seeds

3, 5, 10


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